All In The Game - Issue 3

Publisher: LBM Publishing
Category: Puzzle & Gaming, Gaming
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly
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All In The Game is a new magazine about Scottish football, written by and for the fans. The game in Scotland is facing unprecedented challenges. We believe that not only can it weather these storms but that it can thrive in spite of them. Fans have begun to re-engage again, not only following their teams but taking a role in trying to reform them. This magazine is dedicated to helping them with that task.

This issue is dedicated to the late Arthur Montford, who was taken from us at the end of last year. Arthur was, and will forever be, a legend to whole generations of supporters who grew up listening to his brilliant, often unusual, commentaries. He had a way with words that was extraordinary, and he could make you feel like you were actually at the game, no matter where you were. Sean Thomas Graham wrote a lovely piece in his memory. Since we last spoke to you, the Scottish international football team has played a couple of very big games, not the least of which was the 1-0 win over Ireland, at Celtic Park. John Bleasdale has covered that match, and the England game. Tony Begley looks at the chaos at Ibrox, and dreams of a time when we'll have a new blueprint for Scottish football, based on long term thinking and adherence to the rulebook. Wouldn't that be something? In a related fashion, Matthew Marr has taken a peek at football ownership, and highlighted the cases not only at Ibrox but at Cardiff, Hull and elsewhere. We don't have the same issues in Scotland as face clubs in England, but we have to be on the lookout for unscrupulous people who want to run things their way, and don't care what the fans think of it. Mark O'Sullivan talks to us about running a supporters bus in the age of the all-ticket affair, pointing out that, for some fans, going to the big matches counts more than following your team through thick and thin. And finally, last but not least, Sean talks to a truly remarkable woman, Betty Cunningham, whos crucial work in Malawi needs all the help it can get. Don't miss this amazing story, about an amazing bunch of people.

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