Inspired Wellbeing - Issue 11

Publisher: Inspired Wellbeing Ltd
Category: Health, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Inspired Wellbeing is a magazine for health and happiness in body, mind and spirit. It provides inspiration, information, tools and resources to enable readers to connect with their inner wisdom so they can create happy and healthy lives. The magazine achieves this through inspiring interviews with, and articles by, the leading-edge authors and experts in the extraordinary field of body, mind and spirit. There is already so much wisdom available today - wisdom that has the ability to raise our consciousness and transform our lives and the world we live in.

There is something special about the autumn, when the leaves slowly turn golden, orange and red, creating this happy burst of colour everywhere you look. Autumn for me represents magic, miracles and stillness – magic, because it looks as if the whole world has been sprinkled in a golden fairy dust; miracles, as the amazing display of colours is just breathtakingly beautiful; and stillness, because you can literally feel how Mother Nature starts to let go of the past, as she weeds out that which is meant to fall away, so she can slow down and give herself sacred time to rest. All of this makes it easier for her to create something new, something wonderful, something even more magical. She trusts her seasons and allows herself to go with the flow. To help you step into stillness, so you too can create magic and miracles in your life, we have fi lled this issue with inspiring features, such as from Linda Fitch, who shares how you can fi nd your highest potential with the shamanic practice of destiny retrieval; Colette Baron-Reid reveals how you can create a life fi lled with magic when you trust Spirit; Dr Mona Lisa Schulz explains how you can tune into your body’s intuition; David Hamilton reveals how kindness can heal your body; Deva Premal and Miten share the healing power of mantras; and Florence Scovel Shinn inspires you to learn how to play the game of life. You will also discover how to step into sacred time so you can invite miracles into your life, 8 powerful crystals for soul work and shamanic journeying, the benefits of meditation, as well as deep yogic wisdom and wellbeing advice from our team of experts. This, and much more, is waiting for you in our autumn issue!

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