GameOn Magazine - Issue 90 April 2017

Publisher: GameOn Networking Ltd
Category: Computer & Mobile, Entertainment
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly
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GameOn Magazine is a video game magazine that focuses on everything gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Products and PC.

Welcome to the April 2017 issue of The GameOn Magazine! Sadly the writer who is reviewing the Nintendo Switch hasn’t quite finished playing with it yet, so we can’t tell you what we think of it yet. Don’t let that put you off, however, as the hybrid console-handheld does get a look-in for this issue! Speaking of -- James had a go with the Switch at a prelaunch party and wrote up about his experience. The other articles look back, with me writing about an old Star Wars game and some Super Mario games, Ethan wondering where Dead Space went, and Nathan wrote some tactics up for Football Manager. We have a bunch of previews (no gamescom ones!), including Early Access titles Avorion, and Guts and Glory, while Steven gave us Captain Kaon. Marcello wrote something shocking about Shock Tactics (not really, that was an awful pun) and Adam controlled a Rogue Tache. By the time you read this issue, The Walking Dead New Frontier: Episode 3 should be out, so you can check out Borja’s review of Episode 1 & 2 to see whether you’ll want to pick it up. Marcello killed scores of Nazi’s (because why wouldn’t you?) in Sniper Elite 4, Thomas lost a finger to the Yakuza 0, and Christian crafted some Crazy Machines 3. Alex had a good month, with being an Epic Manager of his Robot Squad Simulator 2017 while suffering from Bloody Boobs. I couldn’t fit Total War: Warhammer Realm of the Wood Elves DLC in there, no matter how I tried… There’s a bunch more to check out, so flip the page and start reading! I’m off to the staff room to drop subtle hints about a Cadbury’s Mini Egg easter egg I’ve had my eye on...

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