Witchcraft & Wicca - Issue 8

Publisher: Children of Artemis
Category: Religious & Spiritual, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Half-yearly

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Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine Issue 8 - Samhain 2003 A new look for Aunt Tabatha as she answers another batch of your tricky questions What is Wicca? A thought provoking insight into what Wicca actually is, and wht it isn't by Fred Lamond A Witch’s Ritual Tools get tooled up with Kate West Middle Earth, Narnia and Paganism The first part of a two part article on the pagan influences that helped to their authors create two of the all time classic fantasy books. by Ronald Hutton Alternative Fashion The first of a new series of articles looking at the alternative fashion scene, taking in everything from Fairytale dresses to Cyber-Goths by Rachel Van Asch Lucy Furr the travelling familiar, This time travels further than ever and reports on the Witchy goings on in Antwerp, Belgium. The Festival of Samhain A practical look at the most popular Witches festival by Sorita Hubble, Bubble Romantic Trouble Relationships with a non-Witchy partner can be successful, difficult or even impossible find out more in this topical article by Liz Pilley Interview with Galatea An Insightful chat with an Alexandrian High Priestess Cord Magic How to tie yourself some magical knots in this detailed guide by Peter Nashl Becky the Teenage Witch A real Teenage Witch talks about her views on witchcraft and how it affects her life. Aspects of the Crone A look at the role of the older woman within the Wiccan ideology by Mary Rands Magical Empowerment in a god-less universe The ABC of Witchcraft The last of this humous look at the Craft by Kate West The Runes a simple beginners guide to divination with the Runes by Saywood Cyber Witch The latest news from the Children of Artemis web site, keeping you up to date with the many new developments Plus the essential regulars News, Event Pages, Gathering listing, and reviews

Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine is the most popular Witchcraft magazine in Europe, with articles by many leading authors on almost every aspect of the Craft. The magazine is full color throughout, with a clear and attractive layout, illustrations are superbly reproduced with an attractive cover.

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