Muscle & Fitness UK Edition Magazine - UK | April 2014

Muscle & Fitness UK Edition Magazine - UK | April 2014

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Aaron Eckhart Puts Himself Together by BEN RADDING
Around the time he was filming Erin Brockovich—his industry breakthrough—Aaron Eckhart decided that every time he trained for a movie, he’d take something away and learn a new skill. “I started boxing pretty hardcore,” he recalls, “and all of a sudden I really saw my abs for the first time. I was cut and in shape—I never knew I could do that before.” Up to that point, he’d been just going to the gym, working out without a plan, trying to stay in shape. He’d played sports as a kid—rugby in England, where he spent his youth, and baseball, basketball, and soccer. But as competitive and athletic as he’d been throughout his life, boxing was a turning point.

Add 2” To Your Chest by JOHN ALVINO
There are some problems you want to have, like being irresistible to women or making more money than you know how to spend. For lifters, one of these is not being able to find shirts that fit. Having an upper body that’s so broad no shirt can contain it is a satisfying confirmation that you’re making progress in your workouts—and that you’re not like those prissy models you see in clothing ads on whom even a size small looks baggy.

We’ve all been there: You come home from a stressful day at the office—followed by a gruelling workout—with little energy or enthusiasm left to hover over the stove and cook up an elaborate meal. It can make it oh-so-tempting to place a call for gut-busting Chinese or pizza. Thankfully, super­markets are increasingly stocking their shelves with foods that make it a breeze to put healthy meals on the table quickly. Forget soggy frozen dinners; the following recipes use some of the best tinned, jarred, and frozen foods—staples you’ll always want to have on hand when life presents you with a major time crunch.

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