Muscle & Fitness UK Edition Magazine - UK | July 2015

Muscle & Fitness UK Edition Magazine - UK | July 2015

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Staying Power
He couldn’t stay Ivan Drago forever. The flat-top was bound to go out of style, the Rocky franchise had reached its peak, and besides, he wasn’t even Russian. But here’s the biggest reason why Dolph Lundgren (who’s from Sweden, by the way) had to move on from Drago: because men get older.
The Titan of the Fitness Industry
Over the past 25 years, former American Gladiators star Mike “Titan” O’Hearn has been one of the most successful men in fitness—a bodybuilder, powerlifter, and model with more trophies and media appearances than even he can count. Now, at 46 years old, he’s not slowing down—he’s in overdrive, getting bigger, stronger, and more ripped than ever before. And he claims to do it all as a 100% natural athlete.
Strength in Numbers
Sports entertainment isn’t quite the boys’ club it used to be. A new generation of Divas—a group of female performers who are fast becoming as big a part of WWE’s program-ming as household names like The Rock and John Cena—has stormed into the ring, gaining as much attention for their athletic abilities as their take-charge attitudes. Among those leading the way are two-time Divas Champion Nikki Bella and former champ Brie Bella, otherwise known as the Bella Twins.

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