Flex Magazine UK Edition - UK | November 2014

Flex Magazine UK Edition - UK | November 2014

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The Definition of Phil by GREG MERRITT
You know what a gift is. But do you truly know who Phil “the Gift” Heath is? What distinguishes him from the rest of the world’s best bodybuilders and from the legends who preceded him? What drove him to win his collection of Sandows and what’s driving him in his quest to win more in future years? We provide the answers in an A–Z lexicon of all things Heath.

Mean Greene Back Machine by TONY MONCHINSKI
Kai Greene has one of the best backs in the business. Long after he’s retired from competition, his will be remembered among the best backs—alongside Lee Haney’s, Dorian Yates’, and Ronnie Coleman’s—in the annals of this iron sport.
Some guys’ backs have good detail, which makes their rear double biceps formidable, yet they lack width, which leaves their rear lat spreads lacking. Others have a wide lat spread from behind, but don’t look nearly as impressive in a front lat spread. Others have gaps in their backs, especially in the area between where the latissimus ends and the butt begins.

The Other Welsh Wonder by JOHN PLUMMER
Name a Welsh IFBB pro called James. Chances are you’re thinking of James “Flex” Lewis. But another person fits that description—James Llewellin. Llewellin also competes in the 212 division and although he has never won the Olympia, he has competed at it and is a two-time British champion.
The two men’s careers both took off a decade ago when Llewellin was mashing up monsters with his massive arms and Lewis, who is 10 years younger, was destroying every junior in sight.

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28 The Definition of Phil
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100 The Other Welsh Wonder
110 Back On Track
154 News
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158 Serene Progress
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12 Welcome
14 Arnold’s Page
18 Hard Times
122 Gym Bag
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134 Big Ass Mass
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141 The Diet Doc
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144 The Freak Speaks!
148 European Muscle
172 Under The Microscope
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176 The Shot

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FLEX magazine will provide your guide to the world of bodybuilding. It talks to the biggest pros to get the inside scoop to how the best in the world get their title winning physiques.

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