MOJO Magazine - Issue 294

MOJO Magazine - Issue 294

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RY COODER - The wisdom of LA ’s slide guitar king. To wit: “Rock’n’roll in general is very distorting – it’s like a mirror in a funhouse.”

YES Over half a century, the caped crusaders of prog have solo’d through triumph, tragedy, and line-up changes. Yes’s latest twist? There’s now two of them..

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MOJO: the magic at the core of music

Launched in 1993, MOJO celebrates the stories of music's all-time greats. It does this through expertly written, insightful features and exclusive, in-depth interviews.
MOJO also finds and recommends new music of quality and integrity, so if you want to read about the classics of now and tomorrow, it is definitely the music magazine for you.
As founding editor Paul Du Noyer put it, MOJO has ""the sensibilities of a fanzine and the design values of Vogue."" It's lovingly put together every month by music fanatics with huge knowledge, who share your passion. And because they have unrivalled contacts in the music industry, they bring you the kind of access, news and expertise you won't find anywhere else.