Ancient Egypt - Issue 99

Publisher: Ancient Egypt Magazine Ltd
Category: Education, Travel
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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The Principles of Apotropaic Magic on Middle Kingdom Wands - Fred Vink investigates a weapon against evil. Highlights of Manchester Museum: 2 - Campbell Price describes a �magical� figurine. The Shipwrecked Sailor - The third of a series of articles on myths and tales from ancient Egypt by Joyce Tyldesley. On Reading Names and Titles - Hilary Wilson responds to letters in AE98 by exploring some of the inconsistencies and abbreviations in hieroglyphic inscriptions. Two Exhibitions in the South of France - Raymond Betz reports on Khaemwaset: the Archaeologist Prince and At the School of Scribes: Writing in Ancient Egypt. The Ptolemies: Power Couples, Empire and War with Syria - In the second of a series, Sarah Griffiths describes the dynasty�s golden age. The Diadem and Skullcap of the King - Jan Summers (Duffy) examines two artefacts from Tutankhamun�s tomb. Permesut: for Younger Readers - Not all the clothes worn by ancient Egyptians were made of plain white linen � they enjoyed A Splash of Colour says Hilary Wilson.

Ancient Egypt, written by experts in the field of Egyptology, is a lively informative global magazine appealing to Egyptology professionals and anyone with an interest in this fascinating early civilisation. Published bimonthly, this glossy well-presented magazine brings readers up to date with the latest news, discoveries, excavations and research into the history of Egypt from Predynastic times through to the modern era. There are in-depth articles on the building of the pyramids, the lives of the great Pharaohs, brewing and agriculture, health and disease, gods and goddesses, tombs and temples and ancient Egyptian art and culture. Find out about great Egyptologists and explorers, and ancient priests and peasants; discover more about Egyptian technology and the latest DNA and scanning techniques. How did Tutankhamun die? How did hieroglyphic writing work? What did ancient Egyptians eat for breakfast? All this plus guides to museum collections, reviews of the latest books and interactive media and event listings for all UK Egyptology Societies and major worldwide conferences and exhibitions. Love ancient Egypt? Then Ancient Egypt is the must-have magazine for you!

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