21CRYPTOS - September 2018

Publisher: 21 Cryptos Magazine Ltd
Category: Investment, Technology
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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21CRYPTOS is the leading subscription magazine for the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Fintech industry, with 100+ pages and features from over 20 leading experts, public figures, and traders. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between the public and this complex new world, making it easy and enjoyable for anyone to get involved with or learn more about the exciting new area of finance, business and technology we call Cryptocurrency. Our key features include: - 21 page analysis of promising projects - Interviews with industry leaders - Market catch-up briefings - Crypto culture exploration - Industry and project event calendars - Women in blockchain featurettes - Fundamental trading lessons - Exploration of regulations & legal - And a host of other articles

Future Edition - James McGirk: who will own our Future? - Jen Hill visits the fantastical Futurist conference - Matt Breen on crypto-anarchy & assassination markets - Viking explores how blockchain is changing the face of art - 10 To Watch: promising projects & ICOs - Launch: all the latest news stories - Discover: Airdrop scams, DApp spotlight & security - Learn: ETFs, Elliott Waves & the Unbanked - Resources: coin event calendar & infographics

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