MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal - Ray Guns, Volume 4 - Issue 1

Publisher: Vraeyda Media
Category: Art, Journals
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly
Single issue $ 3.99 -
3 Months $ 5.99
6 Months $ 9.99
1 Year $ 16.99

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"The act of becoming begins with context, body, the touch of heavenly winds across a hot face. We brush our toes into the beaches of our coastlines and rich textures seep into our feet. We were made beautifully, wonderfully. Body and mind together, as a single unit. Humankind does not hold license to call its collective body a horrible, ghastly entity rutting itself toward global destruction. As a race we are too hard on ourselves. We implant our newborns with social structures, infantile cooes and gender roles, until they grow enough to ask why. And then we tell them." MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal is an inspection into the cycles and patterns that built & rule our lives. MacroMicroCosm includes poetry, short stories, articles, art, photography and comics. The macrocosm, the all is mirrored in the microscopic. Quantum Mechanics becomes planetary motion, as stardust turns to love. MacroMicroCosm is an art piece, an introspection, an immersion and a literary journal showcasing Vraeyda's ideals, artists, authors & talent.

MacroMicroCosm's 4th Volume explodes with a bang in "Ray Gun"! Veer through Corrie L. Shoemaker's short fiction Operation Reflection, decipher the ending of Chris Jessop's The Ultimate Recruit and dive deep into gender relations with Sapha Burnell's Tympanic Telepathy & #GenderMe. Dr. Chris Goryniuk brings the science of Star Trek's Hyposprays to the magazine, and Rhet Czak opens and closes with an alternate history reading of Ray Guns, and Pew Pew Pew. Hit this, or pew pew pew!

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