The Gardener for Canadian Climates - Fall 2016

Publisher: The Gardener for the Prairies magazine
Category: Home, Women's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly
Single issue $ 1.99 -
1 Year $ 10.99

In this issue: Ornamental Grasses; Iris in Bloom; Celebrating Cranberries; How to: Vermicomposing; Edibles; Baby Vegetables; Feature Perennial: Veitch's Blue Globe Thistle; Feature Garden: Fort Calgary Community Garden; Ask Us: Kale insect pests / sour cherries; Medicinal Plants: Indian Celery; Garden harvesting temperatures; Birds: Blue Jay, plus more.

Special pricing offer now on! The definitive horticultural magazine that provides in-depth gardening information for difficult growing conditions. This conditions include: short growing seasons, cold winters and unpredictable precipitation.

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