Montreal HOME - The Winter Issue

Publisher: Movato Home
Category: Architecture, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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MOVATO Home publishes MontrealHOME, TorontoHOME and VancouverHOME — luxury interior design, landscape, architecture and lifestyle magazines. We provide readers with stunning photography and great content six times a year.

Yin and yang. That’s how a naturopath I know describes winter and summer. The ancient Chinese concept of yin yang, which symbolizes opposites, such as darkness and light, is represented by the beautiful black-and-white circular symbol of duality. If summer is yang, with its heat and strong sunlight, winter, with its low light levels and cool temperatures, is yin. It may be a national pastime in Canada to moan about winter’s yin, but I have come to love and embrace this season, precisely because it is an excellent time for introspection and contemplation. We tend to be too outwardly focused during the yang season to slow down and just “be.” But the winter pushes us indoors, where we can enjoy the comforts of home. I can’t think of a better place to get relaxed and contemplative during the winter months than in a cozy, well-designed bedroom. In this issue, writer Susan Kelly tells us about the design trends that continue to transform our bedrooms into peaceful sanctuaries. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the trend toward incorporating sitting areas and fireplaces in the bedroom, and as we move into 2015 we’ll see luxury in bedding, creative design in beds, and sumptuous mattresses, created to give us deep repose. Of course, the arrival of winter also heralds the holidays. Be sure to read our annual gift guide if you’re struggling to find perfect gifts for the folks you love. And if you’re planning to enjoy some restorative family time this season, consider a stay in a luxury hotel, where you can be pampered and well fed and where outdoor winter activities are embraced with gusto. Stephanie Whittaker Editor-in-Chief

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