Child's Play Magazine - May/June 2105

Publisher: Life Media
Category: Parenting, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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Inspiration and research-based information about the importance of play to children's development, learning, and emotional health, as well as reviews of and reflections on games and toys, books and films about play. We also explore how adults can learn from their children to become more spontaneously playful. So please join some of the world's experts on the benefits of play, as well as parents and educators, as we create the best play environments possible for our children (and ourselves!). We think you'll be inspired to play, create, and have fun. . . .

The importance of self-directed play in the real world; organized sports aren’t play; intergenerational play; are playgrounds necessary?; how a dirt pile is better than toys; how less outdoor play is causing harm to children’s development; hopscotch; news, events, and book reviews about play

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