Devil's Artisan - SPRING/SUMMER 2018

Publisher: Devil's Artisan
Category: Art
Language: English
Frequency : Half-yearly

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In DA 82 curator Tom Smart examines the 'playing witness' symbol in James Reaney's poetry, drama and visual art. Smart argues that Reaney's work offers paths which transcend the banal and pass over to a world of heightened perception in which the power of play facilitates the embrace of life's condition of disorderly continuity, absurdity and unpredictability, renders it bearable and endows it with a quality of grace. Also in this issue, Stephen Sword contributes a short history of the cylinder press housed at Black Creek Pioneer Village, along with a chronicle of his experience learning to operate and maintain the press. Chelsea Jeffery provides 'Notes on Early Printing in the Yukon', including a few tidbits of history from the Whitehorse Star. Recurring features include the Rogues' Gallery, featuring a profile of Bill Poole, and Richard Kegler’s discussion of the letterpress curiosity Alpha-blox. Kandid Kamera shares photos from a celebration of Robert R. Reid's 90th birthday and 69 years of designing and printing.

Since 1980, the Devil's Artisan has established a reputation as Canada’s ‘Journal of the Printing Arts’. DA fosters an appreciation of the art of bookmaking and reaches out to a global audience of typographic and printing arts enthusiasts who appreciate the value of the printed word even in this digital age. DA publishes articles on historical subjects, typography and book design, profiles book designers and wood engravers, and features small artistic and experimental presses operated by a new generation of print enthusiasts.

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