SHAPTAHIK - February 16 2017

Publisher: Weekly SHAPTAHIK
Category: News
Language: Bengali
Frequency : Weekly

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Shaptahik, a weekly publication on socio-political issues, is one of the leading vernacular magazines in Bangladesh. It specializes on political analysis and investigative reporting. The key focus of the publication is to analyze current political situation as well as to evaluate social issues. Successful individuals of Bangladesh's urban and rural community, ranging from agricultural success stories to industrial entrepreneurs, are frequently selected as subjects of the magazines cover stories in special issues. Local manufacture attire, fashion, fads and style are also prioritized in the magazine's articles and stories. South Asian and international politics, sports, technology, entertainment, travel, showbiz, and lifestyle also receive special treatment. The magazine also provides considerable importance to the protection of the country's natural and mineral resources.

Political analysis of Bangladesh, Investigative Reporting, International Politics, Interviews, Book Review, Success Story, Health, Cultural Event, Entertainment

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