Australia Dogs and Pets - Issue 6

Publisher: Woodlands Publishing Pty Ltd
Category: Animals and Pets, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Australian Dogs & Pets - Issue 6 Your Pets * Readers’ Stories – wonderful stories from our readers * Reader giveaway Breed Profiles * Dachshund – comical and devoted * Maine Coon – large cat with a sweet nature * Australian Kelpie – hardworking and loyal Features * Guide Dog etiquette * Scramble dog sport – the latest craze in dog sports * Dogshare – innovati ve service for dog owners * Life of a competi ng show dog * Health benefi ts of pet ownership Choose a Pet * Miniature Pigs – unique and friendly companions * Senegal Parrot – intelligent and social Tips * Avoiding poisonous foods * Basic fi rst aid for pets * Travelling with pets * Signs of affection Working Pets * Working dogs We Care * Parrot Rescue Centre My Pet * Meet Sam the wonder dog Shows * Pet events – upcoming pet events around Australia Book Review * Book reviews

Australian Dogs and Pets is for pet lovers of all ages. Every issue will have photos and stories sent in by our readers, (yes, your pets can all be stars!), as well as behavioural and training tips for pets, profiles of dog and cat breeds, and information on all kinds of wonderful animals that we proudly call our pets. There are tips for bringing puppies and kittens home, grooming your cat, basic training techniques for your dog, plus we explain the ins and outs of dog shows in Australia..

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