Women's Health & Fitness - March 2017

Publisher: Blitz Publications
Category: Women's Interest, Health
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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It’s here! Our 2017 cover model competition, is now open. And before you tell me you’re not what we’re looking for, we’re as interested in your voluntary work and meditation practice as whether you count macros. Health and fitness really is a lifestyle, not a look. Whatever your definition of beauty, I hope this issue inspires you to cultivate it with love, compassion and balance (and maybe a few lashings of really good mascara). With the ‘visible outcome’ perspective in mind, the content of this issue elucidates the causes of beauty in lay-lady’s terms. Think how to work the gut-brain connection for a better mood and flatter tummy (p. 44) and choosing foods that sate rather than stoke appetite (gluten-free teff banana pancakes are a good place to start, p. 92). Beauty is not diet tyranny. Yet while our version of beauty is anti-ideals, it is not the kind of neo-puritanism that would result in public burnings of GHDs and make-up bags (something about cutting off your nose to spite your face, dear poker-haired mascara fiend). For your outer beauty fix, check out top beauty bloggers’ bathroom secrets from p. 122.

Women’s Health & Fitness magazine WHF delivers the best advice and breaking news in health, wellbeing, weight loss, fitness, beauty and style, sex and relationships, and personal development, direct to your handbag. Enjoy fabulous fitness videos, photo galleries, step-by-step techniques and must-read advice from our in-house training experts.

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