The Indian Trumpet - November 2016

Publisher: The Indian Trumpet
Category: Culture, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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​#Farting, ​#peeing, and ​#pooping. Feel free to stop reading this post, if these words disgust you. Because this time around The Indian Trumpet is set on a journey of a kind. Yes, all roads are leading to the ​#washroom: ​#private, ​#public. In the ​#railway ​#stations, at ​#bus ​​#stops and more. Are you one of those who read on the shit pot? Or do you happen to be the young couple who is obsessed about the poop of their little one? ​#Men who pee on the road, listen up: this ain’t the place. Heard of ​#toilet art? Explore with us. And ​#toilet humour? Laugh with us. We promise to leave you amazed with our tales! We're sure by now what our forthcoming ​#edition is all about! Presenting the ​#Indian ​#toilet edition's ​#cover, our way to celebrate the ​#international ​#toilet ​#day, ​#November 19!

A QUARTERLY E-MAGAZINE THAT CAPTURES THE COLOUR, CULTURE AND CHAOS OF INDIA THAT NRIS CRAVE AND MISS. The e-magazine is aimed at anyone who wants to be in touch with India and its ethos: The target audience for the magazine includes: Indian expatriates globally, Resident Indians & Non-Indians across the globe. We launched our debut issue on July 1, 2013. After our second anniversary in July 2015, we changed the periodicity of the magazine to a quarterly and re-established our status as a coffee-table magazine. Our forthcoming editions: WINTER (November’15) SPRING (February’16) SUMMER (May’16) FALL (August’16)

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