HORIZON & BEYOND - Spring/Summer 2018 GOLD edition

Publisher: Mandalay Media MFZE
Category: Travel
Language: English, Arabic
Frequency : Quarterly

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H&B's Spring /Summer 2018 GOLD edition is the 3-year anniversary edition of HORIZON & BEYOND Middle East LIFESTYLE & TRAVEL magazine. The journey of publishing started with H&B's Winter 2014/15 edition and ever since has been taking the readers traveling around the world. H&B's GOLD edition is celebrating the start of H&B's biannual issues (Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter) and a new era of editorials in English only made for an international audience.

HORIZON & BEYOND is a LUXURY TRAVEL magazine not like any other .. Specially made for interested and intelligent readers that want to learn more of what the world of luxury hospitality has to offer today all over our planet, each editorial gives in detail all the information needed. Accompanied by expressive images, that convey a message, stories take you there and make you dream ahead of journey.

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