Having Trouble Using Magzter? Please Read The Following FAQs To Help You With It.


I do not know anything about Magzter. What is it?

Magzter is a world class digital magazine store and newsstand for smart devices; both digital and mobile. It is the world's largest and fastest growing self-service newsstand. On Magzter, you can access most of the leading magazines, the not-so-popular magazines and even a few free magazines. There is a virtual "Store" in Magzter, from where you can buy and take magazines to your "Shelf".


What does Magzter have for readers?

Magzter gives readers globally an all new e-reading experience. With an easy-to-use interface, it provides interactive browsing and reading, allowing readers to glance through, buy and subscribe to their most favorite magazines through a single window. Readers can access local magazines (i.e. magazines from their region) as well as international magazines.


What does Magzter have for publishers?

Magzter offers a profitable business model for publishers, enabling them to increase their circulation and profit without too much hardship. They do not need to invest much towards this as they sell only e-copies of their magazines through Magzter.


How can I get access to Magzter?

Magzter is now available on iPad, iPhones, iPod Touch, Android and Windows 8 running devices. You can get Magzter through the App Store or Android Market. Magzter is soon planning to expand its services to other platforms like Symbian, BlackBerry OS, BADA etc.


How much should I pay to download Magzter?

Magzter is a FREE app. You do not have to pay anything to download Magzter. You only have to pay for magazines you buy through it.


How can I get started with Magzter?

Magzter will show you a Registration Page when you open the app. Just fill in the required information and get into it.


After I have purchased it, how long will Magzter take to get me the magazine?

Magzter will start the downloading process immediately after you purchase a magazine. You will have the magazine on your digital device and in your hands within a few minutes.


How long will it take to download a magazine?

The time of the download depends upon the speed of your internet connection and the size of the magazine you have chosen. Popular magazines are always particular about their quality and they are hence a bit larger.


I love using Magzter. But I can't find my favourite magazine here. What can I do now?

If you cannot find your favourite magazine on Magzter, please contact the publisher of the magazine and express your interest to have it on Magzter's newsstand. You can also mail us on help@magzter.com. We have publisher- friendly business policies and we accept any number of publishers to register.


How can I delete a magazine from the app?

There is an Archive button in the app. Please tap it to see a small 'X' mark at the top of the magazine. Tap on the 'X' mark to delete the magazine.


I have the print subscription for a magazine. Do I have to purchase a separate Magzter subscription to read it in the app?

The digital subscription is different from the print subscription. Therefore, you have to subscribe through Magzter to read a magazine in it. However, you can consult with your publisher to cancel the print subscription and then get a digital subscription from Magzter.


Can I get the PDF version for a magazine I purchased?

No. You can access your digital magazine only through the Magzter app. The PDFs that get downloaded are password protected to avoid them from being copied, printed or redistributed. For security purposes and in the best interest of the publishers, we cannot disclose this password.


How many times can I view the magazines I purchased?

There are no time limitations once you have purchased a magazine on Magzter. You can read your magazines any number of times.


Is it safe for me to purchase a magazine through Magzter?

You should never worry about the credit card information you enter on Magzter. We provide the best available security for online financial transactions done through our website. However, we request you to keep your account information safe and counter-check your bank account on the money spent on magazines you buy via Magzter.


For how many days does my purchased magazine copy remain in my shelf? Does it remain forever; say for example, 36 months? Or is there any time limit?

Once you have purchased a magazine (single issue or a subscription); it will always be in your account. There is no time limit.


How can I turn-off auto renewable subscriptions from the iPhone/iPad?

To turn off auto-renewing subscriptions you need to follow these simple steps::

Step 1: View your app subscriptions:

  • From your device's Home screen, tap App Store.
  • Tap Featured at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Tap the Apple ID button in the lower-left corner (If you are not signed in, tap the Sign In button, and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, scroll back to the bottom of the page, and tap the Apple ID button).
  • Tap the View Apple ID button.
  • Enter your password and tap OK.
  • From the main account page, scroll down and tap Manage App Subscriptions. If you do not have app subscriptions, this button will not be displayed.
  • You will then be taken to your App Subscriptions page.

Step 2: Turn off auto-renewal

  • From your Manage App Subscription page, choose an app subscription which would show as ACTIVE during the period of your subscription.
  • Tap the subscription category for which you want to disable auto-renewal.
  • Tap ON to toggle the switch to OFF.
  • You will receive a confirmation message; tap Turn Off to confirm your choice.

How can I turn-off auto renewable subscriptions that I bought through PayPal?

Please follow the instructions given below on your device to stop the auto-renewal of your subscriptions

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click Profile near the top of the page.
  • Click My money.
  • Click Update in the My preapproved payments section.
  • Click Cancel, Cancel automatic billing, or Cancel subscription and follow the instructions

How can I turn-off auto renewable subscriptions that I bought through your website www.magzter.com?

Please contact help@magzter.com and our support executives will assist you in stopping the auto renewal of your subscription.


How can I turn-off auto renewable subscriptions that I bought through Android?

Please contact help@magzter.com and our support executives will assist you in stopping the auto renewal of your subscription.


I bought the magazine on my iPhone. Can I view it on my iPad?

Yes, you can. You need to sign in with your Magzter User ID and password and you will be able to view the magazines you have purchased. Please remember, once you have purchased a magazine on Magzter, you can view it on upto 5 smart devices of your choice.


I purchased the magazine with a guest login, how do I restore it to my User ID?

Please follow the steps listed below to create a Magzter user ID.

  • Login to www.magzter.com.
  • Click Register on the top of the page.
  • Fill in the required information and submit

Once you have created the User ID, follow the steps listed below on your device.

  • Open the Magzter/Newsstand app (The app from which you had bought the magazine)
  • Click on the Settings button and then log-in using your Magzter ID.
  • After you log in, then click Restore My Purchases button under Settings

You would have now synced your purchases with your Magzter User ID and should be able to access your purchases.

If you still are not able to see the issue, please the Magzter User ID and the Email Receipt of the payment to help@magzter.com and our support executives will assist you further.


I can see the magazine through the Magzter app. Why can't I see it through the newsstand?

It could be because the publishers of the magazine do not have a newsstand app for the magazine or they have a newsstand app which is not powered by Magzter.


Why is a single issue of a magazine priced at $ 0.99 when the print copy is priced lesser than that?

The minimum price fixed by Apple for any purchase through them is $0.99 and hence the price for a single edition. If you do not want to pay $ 0.99 for a single issue, please check the price on our website www.magzter.com. You can buy them through our website and read it through your device.


I forgot my login password. Can you help?

Please follow the steps below to recover your password

  • Open www.magzter.com
  • Click Log In on the top of the page
  • Click Forgot your password in the popup that opens up
  • Enter the email address that you used to setup the account and click submit
  • Your password will be sent to your email address.

I want to change my password. Can you help?

Please follow the steps below to recover your password:

  • Open to www.magzter.com
  • Click Log In on the top of the page
  • Enter your email address and password and click login
  • Click on the account name which is displayed next to My Shelf
  • Click on the Change Password on the top right of the page.
  • You can now setup your desired password.

If I subscribe now, do I get access to old magazines as well?

You will only be able to read the issues that are published during your subscription period. If you would like to read older issues, you need to buy them separately.


How do I view the full page of my magazine without seeing the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen?

Once the magazine is open, you will see the thumbnails of the pages at the bottom. All you need to do is tap anywhere on the page; this will hide the thumbnails and you will see the magazine page on your full screen.


I purchased a single issue of the magazine for $1.99 (INR 100) but an additional $0.99 (INR 55) has been charged. Why?

Apple and sometimes our payment gateway does a test charge of $0.99 to your credit card account to verify if the account is active, and currently has a positive balance. It will be returned to your account within 7 – 10 days. If you don't have it returned within 10 days to your account, please email help@magzter.com for further action.


I have signed in with my Facebook login. I do not want to use my Facebook login for my next sign-in, what do I do?

Please contact our support team at help@magzter.com and our support executives will assist you with unlinking your Facebook login.


I want to change my User ID. Is it possible?

Please contact our support team at help@magzter.com and our support executives will assist you with changing your User ID.


Can I read the magazine offline through my PC?

Offline reading is supported only in Windows 8. You will be able to read the magazines offline through the FREE Magzter app which can be downloaded from the store.


I do not want to receive the notifications you send to Apple device. How do I stop it?

How to Turn Off Push Notifications:

  • Go to your iPad settings by touching the Settings icon on your iPad's display. This is the icon that looks like gears.
  • This will take you to a screen with a list of settings on the left side. Notifications are near the top, just under the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Once you choose the Notifications setting, you can turn off push notifications by touching to the right of the word "On". You can flip notifications from off back to on by touching to the left of the word "Off".

Turn Off Push Notifications For Individual Apps:

  • Follow the steps above to get to the Notification settings. You should reach a screen similar to the one shown above.
  • When Push Notifications are turned on, each individual app you have installed that uses push notifications will be listed on the right side of the screen.
  • Touch the app name to modify the app's push notification settings.
  • From this screen, you can turn off Sounds, Alerts and/or Badges. Sounds is the plopping sound a push notification makes, alerts are the small message the pops up on the screen, and badges are the the numbers that appear on the app's icon, such as the iPad Mail icon showing the number four when you have four unread emails.

How do I read my magazine through the Windows 8 app?

Please follow the steps listed below to login to the app.

  • Open the app, move the mouse pointer to the top right of the screen or press Window + C and the “Windows Charm” – right pane will appear.
  • Once windows charm will appears, click on Settings
  • Click on Account and login with your Magzter User ID and Password
  • Click on the page and you will find the purchased magazine in the ‘Purchased’ category

Where can I download the FREE Magzter app for Kindle?

  • The Free Magzter app is available only for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. We do not support older versions of Kindle.
  • For Kindle Fire, please download and install the FREE Magzter app from http://www.magzter.com/kindlefire
  • Once you install the app, login with your Magzter User ID and password to read your purchased magazines.