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About Magzter

Magzter is the world's largest and fastest growing cross platform global digital magazine store and newsstand. Magzter is headquartered in New York is registered as a Delaware C Corp. The Magzter app was launched in June 2011 and is currently available across multiple devices. Magzter presents a unique revenue-share based business model to publishers that makes it easy for them to offer digital editions of their magazines globally with NO upfront cost.

Magzter is the only self-service newsstand that offers publishers a host of special tools that simplifies the digital publishing process. Magzter has to its credit the patented Orey Click Publishing System which has facilitated the move from print to digital for publication houses all around the globe. Pushing boundaries with technology and staying perseverant to the cause of digital publishing; a world-class reading experience is what Magzter gives its users.

Readers can browse, preview and purchase magazines of their choice with a single touch. When you purchase a magazine on Magzter, you can read it on any 5 of your favorite smart devices. And that's not all; when publishers embed bonus video and audio content in their digital editions, Magzter brings it to you—right inside the magazine! As you flip through the pages, click on the link in the article and move right into HD video at its best. Enter a contest, take a poll, or follow an interesting website, all without leaving the issue.

Magzter is the ultimate way to browse, buy, and read periodicals on your tablet or smartphone, whether it is Apple (iPad/iPhone/iPod) or Android (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, Google Nexus-S, etc.), Windows 8 or just online on the web using your browser at Other mobile versions of Magzter – for BlackBerry, Symbian, and BADA—are being developed. Magzter is also available on storefronts like the Amazon App Store and Huawei App Store among others.

Like your treasured book shelf, you'll notice Magzter has it all mapped out. To start, peruse the featured titles, shop by category, select by region, or search by keyword to find a magazine that piques your interest. Preview it for free, and if you choose to, you may buy just that issue or subscribe to the magazine with one simple click. Choose subscription packages for 3/6/12 months and new issues will be pushed to your device automatically as they are published. Once you’ve created a free Magzter account, you can access your purchases across all your devices—phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Magzter even offers back issues of many magazines.

Magzter is your virtual book store and coffee table rolled into one. You can return to your purchases at any time, even if you've deleted them or bought a new phone or tablet, since Magzter stores them for you in the Cloud.

Go mobile with Magzter today and enjoy your favorite magazines anytime, anywhere.

Save paper, trees and the environment along with us at Magzter!

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For Publishers

The Magzter revenue model is simple. Publishers work on an easy, zero-upfront-fee and low-cost revenue-share only solution. Magzter's self-service tablet publishing solution is a boon for publishers all over the world as the onus of reaching audiences is on Magzter. Publishers can be sure of reaching diverse global audiences without having to worry about "other" costs like printing, paper, postage charges and distribution teams. Magzter brings you a world of brand new readers without charging a penny for marketing.

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