Mamas&Papas - June 2016


Lifestyle, Women's Interest
Magazine Description
Mamas & Papas is a monthly high-end, super-gloss, quality parenting and lifestyle magazine and website that centres on heritage, rediscovering our cultural domestic roots and taking what works for you as a parent. It allows you to review and reintegrate that age-old traditional wisdom, reapply it… and, do it YOUR way!

Issue Description
In the June issue, we flesh out the role of fathers and men in society and families. Having a baby is a life-altering choice for both parents and the modern dad needs to understand his rights and accept his responsibilities towards his children. We also look at how children are affected by parental drug abuse and whether or not living together, but apart, is an alternative to separation or divorce.

We sadly said a tragic farewell to Dr Herman Netshidzivhani, our gynaecologist columnist, whose influence will forever be felt in the pages of M&P magazine. We put the concept of C-tucks under scrutiny and talk to a professional about the pros and cons of such invasive surgery just seconds after delivering a baby by C-section. Our expert child psychologist examines the impact of raising children who play games where good verses evil, or where violence is used. Our fashion pages for preggy moms provide comfortable dressing option of ponchos and scarves, while we showcase the cutest in children’s winter accessories.

Check out the décor pages for great wallpaper ideas and tips, and don’t forget to try the selection of family favourite recipes, especially from McCain.
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