The LA Fashion magazine - Spring 2014


Women's Interest, Fashion
Magazine Description
The LA Fashion magazine - the west coast's premiere fashion source - Each month the LA fashion magazine brings you the latest and the greatest from Los Angeles and Hollywood. From Red Carpets to Fashion Shows, anything and everything that is fashion in LA - The LA Fashion magazine is your source.
We also publish The LA Fashion Weekly and a daily fashion news source.

Issue Description
This issue features a wide array of stories ranging from Frida Kahlo inspired fashion to a cover story featuring vintage sunglasses from fashion designers like Dior, Pierre Cardin and Michelle Lamy. Young designers get a nod in our Retail section, featuring FIDM graduate Alejandro Oretga and Sassenfras’ Maz Durbin. This issue also focuses on the art photography of Franz Szony, who now lives and works in Los Angeles. With over a 100 pages of fashion, style and retail, this is LA Fashion magazines best issue yet!

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