General Aviation Security - March 2015


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Magazine Description
The world's authority on protecting general aviation, General Aviation Security examines the issues and stories dealing with private and corporate aviation, private and general aviation airports, the aviators who fly the aircraft, the mechanics who keep the aircraft flying, and the infrastructures and industries that support general aviation.

Issue Description
UAVs...UAVs...UAVs. This issued we focus on model aircraft and small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. A special section focuses on search and rescue using UAVs, Temporary Flight Restrictions as applied to UAVs, airport notification of UAV flights, the FAA's proposed 14 CFR Part 107 for sUAV operations, and the deadly vortex ring state (settling with power). Legal analyst Wendy Mia Pardew examines transporting marijuana in private aircraft. FBO expert Graham Stephenson looks into business aircraft training for ground handlers. Sylwia Ksiazek reports on the results of an aircraft crash, fire, and rescue exercise at an airport in Poland. Flight attendant extraordinaire Aleca King reminds us to appreciate what we have. And much, much more.

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Quadrennial Compendium No. 1, 2011 to 2014

Quadrennial Compendium No. 1, 2011 to 2014
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