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The world's authority on protecting general aviation, General Aviation Security examines the issues and stories dealing with private and corporate aviation, private and general aviation airports, the aviators who fly the aircraft, the mechanics who keep the aircraft flying, and the infrastructures and industries that support general aviation.

Issue Description
Our June edition dives into the depths of aviation. Joe Corrao examines the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s recent use of a press release to ground drones in the Washington DC SFRA. Is that legal? See Joe’s examination of U.S. Supreme Court rulings that appear to allow the FAA to rule by fiat. The subject is not as dry as it sounds and provides a laser focus on what may be the vanguard of aviation regulation creation for the future.
Newcomer to our pages, David McIntosh describes what it’s like to learn aerobatics while flying in Canada’s beautiful British Columbia. Besides his descriptions that make readers feel like they are listening to a good friend weave a great tale about flying, David provides breathtaking aerial photos of the area.
We welcome back author Erika Armstrong to our pages. Having recently completed her book A Chick in the Cockpit, Erika tells us about Captain Judy Rice, her Think Global Flight organization, and Captain Judy’s upcoming flight around the world to encourage young people worldwide to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—STEM.
Expert flight attendant and columnist Aleca King provides insights into what matters most. Take a lucrative month-long assignment overseas or stay at home to spend the final moments with a pet that’s about to pass? Read Aleca’s thoughts on getting ahead in life versus what makes life important.
Our staff examines the concept of no-fly zones for unmanned aircraft. Should UAS operators be inhibited or prohibited from entering restricted airspace? Learn what one aerial drone manufacturer is doing to keep those who don’t know the airspace rules from flying where they generally should not.

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Aeronautical Decision Making for sUAS Operators, July 2015

Aeronautical Decision Making for sUAS Operators, July 2015
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