General Aviation Security - November 2014


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The world's authority on protecting general aviation, General Aviation Security examines the issues and stories dealing with private and corporate aviation, private and general aviation airports, the aviators who fly the aircraft, the mechanics who keep the aircraft flying, and the infrastructures and industries that support general aviation.

Issue Description
Happy holidays to all! In this issue we focus the spotlight on the Red Bull Air Race World Championship with an in-depth special feature including embedded videos. We provide analysis of each course maneuver flown, many photos from the race in Fort Worth, Texas USA, and personal interviews with some of the Master class pilots. As a special treat we also interview Red Bull’s loop-flying helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron. FBO and ground handling expert Graham Stevenson examines the penny-wise and pound-foolish attitudes of business jet operators in dealing with ground handling expenses. Aleca King, expert flight attendant and hostess of the sky, reminds us of the importance of picking the right gift, not necessarily the expensive gift, in her article “Holiday Giving from the Heart.” What’s so special about an orange? Find out in Aleca’s article.

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