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Published since 1941, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine is America's oldest and most celebrated crime-fiction publication. "The best mystery magazine in the world, bar none," states Stephen King. Featured in its pages are short stories by the world’s leading writers of suspense. The full range of the genre is covered, from the cozy to the hardboiled, the historical to the contemporary—including police procedurals, P.I. stories, psychological suspense, locked-room and impossible-crime tales, classical whodunits, and urban noir. EQMM stories include scores of winners of the Edgar, Agatha, Shamus, Anthony, Derringer, Macavity, Barry, Arthur Ellis, and Robert L. Fish awards.

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine is home to many bestselling authors, including Joyce Carol Oates, Chuck Hogan, Jan Burke, Lawrence Block, and Marcia Muller.

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine features 12 issues (8 single issues and 2 double issues).

Issue Description
The May 2015 issue of EQMM is on the move—with plenty of potholes and bumps—starting off with a man found in a BMW, his murder to be investigated by Doug Allyn’s Detective Dylan Lacrosse, who’s busy with problems of his own (“Claire’s Mirror”). Art Taylor’s pair of sometime-outlaws Del and Louise are trying to take the high road . . . but they’ve hit a detour in Del’s older sister and her schemes (“Commission”). Even on foot, there’s trouble, especially for the marching protagonist in Antony Mann’s tale “The Greater Good.”

A man follows the path home to look into the years-old death of his sister in Kate Ellis’s “The Hook,” and a young protagonist—also feeling tugs of nostalgia—learns from train whistles and tourist buggies as he weaves through the streets of New Orleans, trying to stay away from both domestic troubles and the violence plaguing his city, in “A Loneliness to the Thought” by Michael Caleb Tasker. In John Lantigua’s “The Gentleman from Shanghai,” P.I. Willie Cuesta dips his toes—and maybe more—into the waters off the Florida coast, in a case full of smugglers.

Some are taking the college route: in John S. Barker’s “Cakes and Ale,” trouble arises in academia through poetry and illicit love affairs. Friends get tested, with murderous results, in “Friends Like You,” a Passport to Crime story by Pieter Aspe. And speaking of friends, Kristina Stanley’s Department of First Stories etnry—“When a Friendship Fails”—illustrates one that has perhaps gone sour.

If we haven’t convinced you to come aboard yet, you certainly won’t want to miss a new story by MWA Grand Master Margaret Maron, the surprising “We on the Train!” This issue also announces the 2014 EQMM Readers Award winners. Catch it while you can!
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