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Dell Horoscope - October 2016

Publisher: Penny Publications, LLC
Category: Fiction
Language: English, United States
Frequency : Monthly
Magazine Description:

Dell Horoscope, the world's leading astrology magazine, brings you the most accurate, comprehensive daily predictions available so you can keep up with the planetary forces that shape daily life. Every issue includes: • On-target monthly forecasts  • Detailed love and romance predictions  • Informative features on careers, marriage and friendship  • Insightful analysis of world events  • In-depth answers to readers' astrological questions  • New book and product reviews  • High points of the Stock Market  • A simple introduction to all the signs  Dell Horoscope magazine presents some of the genre's most distinguished writers, including Jan Spiller, Alan Oken, Donna Cunningham, Bill Meridian, and Alphee Lavoie.  Dell Horoscopes' digital version features 13 issues per year, including the Dell Horoscope Annual Yearbook.

Issue Description:

Astrologer Ra Rishikavi Raghudas looks at the charts of David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, and Natalie Cole as he delves into a strange phenomenon that marked the early part of 2016—the departure of a host of musical legends from this world. Human fascination with crystals, used for such varying purposes as prediction, healing, luck, and a connection with the spiritual, dates back hundreds of thousands of years, and Lisa Paron outlines which ones to use to bring positivity and success to each Star Sign. Tien Starling gives spooktacular, star-inspired costume suggestions for all ages to enjoy this Halloween night!

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