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Asimov's Science Fiction magazine has published outstanding short, fantasy and science fiction stories by leading authors for over 30 years. We continue to showcase stories that are innovative, entertaining, and have won numerous Hugos and Nebula Awards. In addition to fiction, readers stay informed about SF and fantasy through a monthly editorial column, an internet column, insightful book reviews, and thought-provoking articles about science and science fiction.   Asimov's is home to many bestselling authors, including Connie Willis, Robert Silverberg, Mike Resnick, Kristine Katherine Rusch, and Stephen Baxter.   Asimov's Science Fiction features 12 issues (8 single issues and 2 double issues).

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Our October/November 2014 double issue leads off with a deep chill. Explore the icy seas with sailors who hunt the “Pinono Deep” on a frozen planet, and you’ll encounter murder and human treachery, as well as life-threatening peril from the giant creature itself. The tension doesn’t let up in an exciting new novella by Allen M. Steele because the fate of interstellar travel may hinge on the return of “The Prodigal Son.” You’ll find this month’s traditional slightly spooky and, perhaps more than a little, scary stories. Joel Richards introduces us to “The Witch of Truckee”; new author Emily C. Skaftun makes her Asimov’s debut with the uneasy “Diary of a Pod Person”; James Patrick Kelly entices with “Uncanny”; Tim McDaniel reveals that there are those who can learn a “New Trick”; well-known mystery author, but new to Asimov’s, Brendan DuBois, brings us the “Minutes to the End of the World”; and Dale Bailey spins a terrifying tale about the divide that can open between parents and children in “Troop 9”; but then new writer Jeff Grimshaw romances us with a charming story about “The Cloisters”; Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a lot of fun “Playing with Reality”; Jason Sanford keeps us on edge as we ponder “What Is Sand but Earth Purified?”; surprise military tactics arise in Robert R. Chase’s “Decaying Orbit”; and Gord Sellars fuses alien technology, the history of jazz in America, quantum physics, and much more for a spectacular riff on “Stars Fell on Alabama.”
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