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For over fifty years, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine has been one of the foremost publishers of mystery, crime, and suspense short stories. AHMM each month publishes mystery fiction of the broadest range and the highest quality, featuring every subgenre of mystery fiction. "The lack of a specific house style," says Kirkus Reviews, "is its greatest strength." Stories featured in AHMM have won dozens of awards, including many Robert L. Fish awards for Best First Mystery Short Story of the year.

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is home to many bestselling authors, including Martin Limon, Jane K. Cleland, Loren Estleman, Rhys Bowen, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine features 8 single issues and 2 double issues each year in January/February and July/August.

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We think you’ll find plenty of characters for the naughty list in this year’s winter double issue! But you can celebrate the holidays with some of our “family” of series sleuths. Detective Lieutenant Cyrus Auburn solves a puzzling dinnertime murder in “The Banquet Left Her Cold” by John H. Dirckx; an old travel receipt leads private detective R. J. Carr to a sinister surprise in S. L. Franklin’s “Trip to Reno”; and Madame Selina and Nip Tompkins come to the aid their maid when the young lady’s brother falls in with the wrong crowd in “The Irish Boy” by Janice Law.

Be careful with your holiday shopping, as something’s amiss in a bookshop in Jane K. Cleland’s “Booked for Death”—fortunately, antiques expert Josie Prescott is on the case. Mind your holiday travel, too, as trouble finds our protagonist on a secluded island in Brendan DuBois’s suspenseful “The Crossing.” Nor are things what they seem in Eve Fisher’s “The Headless Horseman,” where the skittish narrator has plenty to learn—as does the workaday banker in Doug Allyn’s “Message from the Morgue,” when he’s dropped into the culminating action of his mother’s final drama.

Also in this issue we revisit the Nixon era with Larry Light in “18 ½ Minute Gap,” and explore the dangerous Golden Triangle in “Elder Brother” by R. T. Lawton. And Barb Goffman considers the terrible possibility of “A Year Without Santa Claus?” while Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Spade and Paladin take on a holiday mystery with much at stake in “The Really Big Ka-Boom.” This issue is sure to get you through to the New Year at the edge of your seat.
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