Kiplinger's Personal Finance - July 2016


Business, Men's Interest
Magazine Description
KIPLINGER'S PERSONAL FINANCE provides down-to-earth advice on managing money and achieving financial security. We provide our readers with trustworthy information and practical guidance on saving, investing, planning for retirement, paying for college, buying an automobile, home and other major purchases, as well as reliable advice for all stages of their financial lives. Our readers are affluent and influential men and women who are actively involved in their personal-finance decisions, and we are guided by the expectation that they will act on what we write about and benefit from doing so.

Issue Description
In this Issue:THE BEST REWARDS CREDIT CARDS Our picks run the gamut from across the- board cash back to cards that offer travel, retail, grocery and gas rebates. PLUS: Best low-fee and premium cards,Topic A: Far-reaching tax reform proposals . The dangers of America’s national debt . . . Students sign up to pay for college with future income. . . Bid for a first-class airline seat? . Knight Kiplinger on money and ethics,CAN YOU TRUST ONLINE REVIEWS? Sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor influence what we buy and where we stay. But not all of them play by the same rules. PLUS: We rate the reviewers,GAME PLAN How do I handle paying taxes on a company-stock bonus? and much more...
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