Kiplinger's Personal Finance - July 2015


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KIPLINGER'S PERSONAL FINANCE provides down-to-earth advice on managing money and achieving financial security. We provide our readers with trustworthy information and practical guidance on saving, investing, planning for retirement, paying for college, buying an automobile, home and other major purchases, as well as reliable advice for all stages of their financial lives. Our readers are affluent and influential men and women who are actively involved in their personal-finance decisions, and we are guided by the expectation that they will act on what we write about and benefit from doing so.

Issue Description
WHERE TO PUT YOUR MONEY NOW At age 6 and counting, the bull market may no longer be raging, but don’t count it out yet. We suggest how to hedge your bets (think foreign stocks) without pulling out. PLUS: Three ways to protect your gains and five timely stock picks,9 FUNDS FOR A RAINY DAY Cushion your portfolio with low-volatility funds, alternative funds and funds that take the guesswork out of rebalancing,THE BEST REWARDS CREDIT CARDS The right card can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket over time. We pick nine stellar deals to match every spending pattern and more...

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