Mysterious Ways - June/July 2016


Entertainment, Women's Interest
Magazine Description
Mysterious Ways, a magazine filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a spiritual force at work in our lives. You’ll read inspiring stories of miraculous healings unexplained by modern medicine, stories of strange and startling circumstances that led to love, and signs that God reaches out to us in unexpected ways. Plus, mysterious events from around the world that seem to involve a higher power. Discover the inspiration of everyday miracles!

Issue Description
LOVE and DEVOTION.MIRACLES and HEALING.COMFORT and REASSURANCE.Mysterious ways more than coincidence.His humorous ways.Something to chchew on.Love and devotion.The twin connection.Secrets and truths.A question of love.Mysterious moments.Miracles and healing.The healing mind.Right place,Right time.After the fall.A humble touch.A prayer for my husband.Comfort and reassurance.The last snowflake.Living proof.Road signs.
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