Girls' Life magazine - February/March 2016


Fashion, Lifestyle
Magazine Description
Get Girls’ Life magazine! Now you can take GL everywhere you go. You’ll get unlimited access to style tips and trends, easy beauty and hair how-to's, workouts that work, smart guy/friend/school advice, fun quizzes, inside scoop on your fave celebs and more!

Issue Description
Introducing the *NEW* Girls’ Life magazine. Along with a fresh look and plenty of surprises, our heart-worthy February/March issue is packed with pretty spring trends, the best new beauty hacks, flirting tips from real guys and our exclusive interview with cover girl Zendaya. Plus: how to unleash your inner supergirl, 7 ways to get in a good mood fast, internship secrets and *everything* you need to know about your boobs.
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Rydel - Special Edition Issue

Rydel - Special Edition Issue
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