Girls' Life magazine - August - September 2015


Fashion, Lifestyle
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Get Girls’ Life magazine! Now you can take GL everywhere you go. You’ll get unlimited access to style tips and trends, easy beauty and hair how-to's, workouts that work, smart guy/friend/school advice, fun quizzes, inside scoop on your fave celebs and more!

Issue Description
You can’t go back to school without GL: This issue is packed with fashion favorites like denim, boots and the new school style (under $30!). Find fab fall hair trends, score our simplest clear-skin plan ever, uncover easy ways to zap school stress and learn how to luxe up your locker. PLUS: Liv and Maddie's Dove Cameron talks about her new role, her BF and her battle against bullies.
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Rydel - Special Edition Issue

Rydel - Special Edition Issue
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