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Magazine Description
Bear Hunting Magazine is in its 15th year of production. We produce six action and information packed issues per year. We are the only all bear hunting print magazine in North America! Order the print magazine at
Bear hunting is growing in popularity every year as bear numbers are on the rise in North America! With spring and fall options for bear hunting, big game hunting has never been more exciting. Whether you are spot and stalk hunting, hunting over bait or hunting with hounds, bear hunting is the extreme North American outdoor experience. The bear is an icon for American wilderness and bear hunting is as traditional as apple pie and baseball! Hunting all across North America is used as a management tool by government wildlife agencies to regulate populations of wildlife - and this is good. Our hunting has great purpose and isn't just blood sport. It is a tool in the hands of biologists and rational thinking people that want to see the renewable resource of wildlife continue to thrive. Fair chase hunting is the perfect human experience! In an increasingly urban society, lets keep the wild places wild and lets keep the hunt alive. Hunting ethics and the internal character of the individual hunter are the foundational keys to sustainability of our great sport.

Issue Description
Bear Hunting Magazine is the only ALL bear hunting magazine. The May/Jun 2015 continues with a series on Legendary Bear Hunting Hounds. Including how-to and tips. There is much more in the issue including these articles:

Articles -
Legendary Bear Hounds ll: Shamrock’s Timex by Clay Newcomb, Publisher
Decoying: Tricks for Shy Black Bears by Bernie Barringer
Top Cartridges & Bullets for Bear by Ed Hall
10 Spring Bear Hunting Mistakes by Clay Newcomb, Publisher
Hide Quality: Fresh Approach to Judging Trophy Bears ll by Clay Newcomb, Publisher
How to Case Skin a Black Bear by Clay Newcomb, Publisher
Finishing the Job: Shot Placement on Black Bear by Clay Newcomb, Publisher

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