Star - November 30 2015


News, Women's Interest
Magazine Description
Star is all about entertainment, from the best and latest breaking celebrity news, to the movies and music that everyone is talking about.

Issue Description
Blue Crush - Carrie Underwood greeted and took pictures with adoring fans after discussing her new album,Storyteller, at ITV Studios.

Botox for Ben! Is Jennifer Garner improving her looks to keep her estranged husband’s attention?

Jen & Justin’s Honeymoon Tragedy: A guest on the couple’s trip was found dead — but was it a freak accident or murder?

Knockoff Nanny: The caretaker who reportedly had an affair with Gavin Rossdale has also been stealing Gwen Stefani’s style!

Amazing Postbaby Bikini Body: Find out how Blake Lively got her figure back!
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