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FUR-FISH-GAME - September 2016

Publisher: A.R. Harding Publishing Co.
Category: Sports
Language: English, United States
Frequency : Monthly
Magazine Description:

America's #1 magazine for Practical Outdoorsmen since 1925. Our articles are written to instruct and entertain, by real life, everyday outdoorsmen who hunt, fish and trap year-round. Fact is we cover a greater variety of outdoor pursuits than any other magazine. We hunt rabbits and squirrels as well as turkey and deer. Pick mushrooms and other wild edibles for the dinner table. Yes, we love to catch lunker bass and trout. But we also run trot lines for catfish in the summer and harvest ginseng in the fall. We give you all the best how-to advice for your self-guided hunts. We cover it all and we keep it real. No exotic safaris or peacock bass fishing in Brazil. Our stories are always close to home, geared towards true practical everyday outdoorsmen.

Issue Description:

Island Hopping for MONSTER BUCKS; Mile-HighTrolling for Trophy BROOK TROUT; Complete Guide to SQUIRREL HUNTING; Easy & Irresistible Basic Black Ant FLY; Outsmart Predators with COYOTE SCENT CONTROL; The Family DOVE HUNT; Drive-In BEAVERS; and Much, Much More.

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