Asia Eater - Issue 2 - 2013


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Magazine Description
Asia Eater is a quarterly magazine dedicated to Asian food and food culture in Asia.

Through features, essays, photo series, guest contributions, interviews and recipes it covers all aspects of Asian food and drink including cooking, eating, farming, production, sustainability, trends and chefs.

Asia Eater has leading and up and coming food writers and photographers from around Asia contributing to its pages who all share a passion for the region and its food. It also features recipes, essays and interviews from some of the biggest culinary names in Asia including David Thompson, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Richard Ekkebus, Ken Hom, Ian Kittichai, Andre Chiang and Chris Salans

Issue Description
Issue 2 of Asia Eater goes on tour with Gordon Ramsay as he traverses Southeast Asia for the filming of “Gordon's Great Escape”. We get close and personal with Alvin Leung aka The Demon Chef of two Michelin starred Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, and we travel to the border between India and Bangladesh where hundreds are killed every year for smuggling cows from Hindu India to Muslim Bangladesh. We follow Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton, Guy Savoy and Jamie Oliver as they set up businesses in Singapore, and we speak with two Australian entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to selling and sourcing sustainable seafood across Japan. We also look into the world of entomophagy – the practice of consuming insects as food, and travel to Vietnam where people occasionally eat dog meat. Lastly, the issue features a vegetarian recipe section with recipes from Guy Savoy, Wolfgang Puck and Malcolm Lee, among others.
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