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Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. Be the first to know what's next with the Singapore edition of world's best-selling gadget magazine

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Not getting anywhere with those New Year’s resolutions? Wondering what’s in store to keep you entertained this year? Need something to spend those crisp Ang Pao dollars on after CNY? We’ve got you covered.

All hands on deck
It’s one thing to buy something with your hard-earned money, and quite another to make it with your own bare hands – the latter definitely provides a greater sense of ownership. Since it’s much more fun and fulfilling than trying to go to the gym more often, why not build your own tech as a new New Year’s resolution? Simply pick what interests you from our Projects Special on p41, and you won’t just be kept productively occupied for the rest of the year, you’ll have the deep satisfaction of owning tech that’s truly yours too. After all, how often can you say you made your own camera, or coded your own app?

On screen in 2015
If you’d rather spend all your free time in a more sedentary manner, you could always resolve to watch/play/read/listen to everything in this comprehensive list. With all the biggest and most anticipated films, TV programs, games, books, apps, and music to hit your displays this year, 2015 will be over by the time you know it.

Reviews galore
We’ve tested so many great products this month, just listing all of them here should suffice to pique your interest. We've got reviews of Apple Carplay, Google’s Nexus 6, Canon’s EOS 7D Mark II, MSI’s GT72 Dominator gaming laptop, the Renault Captur, an LG Curved OLED TV, an Apple iMac with 5K Retina Display, a group test of multiroom hi-fi systems, and a head-to-head of the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio and Garmin Forerunner 920XT. Spoiler alert: they're all fantastic.

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