Scuba Diver - Issue 04 - 2016


Lifestyle, Sports
45 Days
Magazine Description
Working with the world's best underwater photographers and journalists, premier dive magazine Scuba Diver sets the standard by which all other dive magazines are judged. For the modern diver who wants to discover everything they need to know about exploring our fascinating oceans, both in Asia and around the world. Travel destinations, where to find spectacular marine-life, what equipment you need, dive techniques plus news on discoveries and environmental issues - Scuba Diver has it all.

Scuba Diver Australasia and Ocean Planet are alternating titles with 4 issues each per year. While SD Australasia stays true to its roots with editorial coverage exclusively from the Asia Pacific region, Ocean Planet shines a light on top diving destinations from around the world.

Issue Description
Are you on a budget or indulging in some luxury? This SDOP issue suits all; from camping in Scotland to sheer indulgence in St. Lucia. Check out how a photography pro travels, go faraway to San Benedicto with the magnificent giant oceanic mantas, take a weekend break in Sydney or Florida or try something different in Lembeh. Diverse photographic opportunities in California, sea lions in Mexico, submerged ancient Roman ruins in Italy, book and video reviews - all this and much, much more. Dive in, chill out and plan your next diving adventure with Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET, your complete dive travel guide.
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Issue 03 - 2016
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