Scuba Diver - Issue 4 - 2014

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Magazine Description
Subscription to Scuba Diver includes 8 issues: 4 Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA + 4 Scuba Diver THROUGH THE LENS About SDAA: Vibrant and informative, Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA offers everything the modern diver wants and needs to know about exploring our fascinating oceans and encountering the creatures within it. It covers all the major destinations from the Pacific Ocean to Australia and beyond, including natural spectacles, new discoveries, environmental news, diving news and diver-focused topics. Our articles are drawn from the world's best underwater journalists and photographers and feature imagery that sets the standard by which other magazines are judged. About SDTTL: Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA, the premier dive magazine in Asia, has teamed up with, a world leader in underwater photography media, and Edition Fifty Fathoms, the prestigious art photo magazine collectible, to create Scuba Diver THROUGH THE LENS, the first international underwater photography and videography magazine. It is designed to educate the global community on equipment, techniques and travel destinations, as well as highlight the world's top underwater photographers and videographers.

Issue Description
SDTTL 4-2014, Intermediate, Novice, Phototreks asia and Phototreks sharks.
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Issue 03 - 2014

Issue 03 - 2014
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