Asian Diver - Issue 01 - 2016


Photography, Sports
Magazine Description
For the serious diver who understands the challenging lure of the deep sea, Asian Diver has become known around the world for its penetrating and unique insights into the world's richest dive regions, featured against breathtaking underwater photography. Read Asian Diver and join a community committed to preserving and growing the sport we love so dearly.

Issue Description
Asian Diver is celebrating Asia's psychedelic seas in the "Colours of Asia" edition; exploring some of the most colourful dive sites in the world, investigating the reasons behind the Technicolor patters of the creatures that inhabit them, and visiting the Similan Islands where the underwater world looks like it's on steroids. But the oceans look very different if you're a fish, and Asian Diver has the science behind the real fish eye view. Get ready to dive into 2016 with a massive splash... of COLOUR!
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Issue 04 - 2015
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