GoodHomes - August 2015


Magazine Description
Good Homes is full of inspiring ideas and the latest trends to help you create the perfect home. It is packed with helpful advice, beautiful real homes, new products and decorating ideas to give your living space a lift. Every month it shows you how to shop for and create current schemes in your own home to maximum effect, whatever your budget is.

Issue Description
This August, experts tell you how to get your shade card right in 'Points of Hue'. Learn about a whole world of colours, not just on your walls but also at your feet in 'Foot Notes'.
We're inspired by the majestic home of the Ambassador of Switzerland to India in the feature 'Living by Design', and the Parisian home of Géraldine Prieur in 'Home to a Colour Addict'.
Plus with the internet becoming the new marketplace, we're giving you what we liked from the online world.
Also, you can find inspiration from our style features, Modern European or African Safari, and set a theme for your room.
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