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BBC TopGear Magazine India is the country's most exciting automobile magazine, bringing you up-to-date news, drives and rides with the latest launches in the market, stunning features, witty and humorous content along with a complete buyer's guide covering the cars and bikes available in the Indian market. Taking inspiration from the BBC TopGear show, it is just as engaging a read. Being the largest automotive media brand in the world, BBC TopGear Magazine is present in over 40 countries and has over 350 million viewers worldwide. The Indian edition was launched in September 2005 and has since been the fastest growing motoring magazine which has re-invented the way automotive journalism works in the country.

Issue Description
You can be sure that TopGear will not let you down with the madness. This issue of TopGear is one action-packed read. Mercedes-AMG has been busy giving birth to their latest ball of fire – the C63. TopGear takes it to a challenging racetrack in Portugal to take it to its limit. And with 503bhp and 700Nm at disposal, the limit is sure going to be real high.

The Audi TT might not boast of such eye-popping numbers, but it’s definitely a fun sportscar. And the all-new TT? Even more. It’s been redesign from scratch to pump in even more excitement.

Rallying can never be boring. And when you have a crazy ATV and a huge desert to cross, you can never be left wanting more.

On saner side of things, we drive the new Renault Lodgy – the latest French people mover. It’ got space, it’s got features and follows the perfect recipe for an ideal MPV. Toyota Innova, should you be scared?

TopGear also drives the Volvo XC90 – the safest SUV in the world, swings a leg over the Kawasaki ER-6n and the Benelli TNT 600i to check which one’s a better naked sports bike to put your money on.

There’s also a full account of the Geneva show. And guess what? A lot of the exhibits will soon make their way to India.

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