BBC TopGear India - November 2015


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Magazine Description
BBC TopGear Magazine India is the country's most exciting automobile magazine, bringing you up-to-date news, drives and rides with the latest launches in the market, stunning features, witty and humorous content along with a complete buyer's guide covering the cars and bikes available in the Indian market. Taking inspiration from the BBC TopGear show, it is just as engaging a read. Being the largest automotive media brand in the world, BBC TopGear Magazine is present in over 40 countries and has over 350 million viewers worldwide. The Indian edition was launched in September 2005 and has since been the fastest growing motoring magazine which has re-invented the way automotive journalism works in the country.

Issue Description
What’s brighter than sunlight and goes like a comet? The Audi S5, that’s what. We’ve got all the dope on the new Audi sportback, and you will find it only in our November 2015 issue. Yes, it’s a TG exclusive.

What else will you find in this power-packed issue? A long, hard ride on the Mojo, Mahindra’s flagship motorcycle, which looks set to help the company recover its mojo.

Also in this issue are two turbocharged crackers: a Porsche Cayenne GTS – yes, it’s the end of a glorious era of natural aspiration – and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S. And, in case you don’t mind some practical but involving vehicles, we’ve got the lowdown on the new Maruti Baleno.

Other stuff you can’t miss for the world include a close look at Porsche’s Mission E concept, a preview of the BMW-TVS motorcycle that will hit our roads sooner than you think and an interview with Kevin Schwantz, a flamboyant all-time great racer.
Plus, since it’s Bond season, we get behind the wheel of the Aston Martin DB10. Yes, 007’s latest.

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