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BBC TopGear Magazine India is the country's most exciting automobile magazine, bringing you up-to-date news, drives and rides with the latest launches in the market, stunning features, witty and humorous content along with a complete buyer's guide covering the cars and bikes available in the Indian market. Taking inspiration from the BBC TopGear show, it is just as engaging a read. Being the largest automotive media brand in the world, BBC TopGear Magazine is present in over 40 countries and has over 350 million viewers worldwide. The Indian edition was launched in September 2005 and has since been the fastest growing motoring magazine which has re-invented the way automotive journalism works in the country.

Issue Description
It’s New Year’s time and TopGear gives you one heck of a reason to look forward to the New Year with a bunch of exciting cars and bikes coming your way. To start with a bang, TG drives the India-bound Porsche-911 baiter, Mercedes AMG GT S. It will replace the legendary SLS AMG and has big shoes to fill. Does it deliver? Find out in the January issue.
BMW is making a comeback with its Mini brand all over again, with the new generation of the Cooper. This one has grown in size and comes with a gem of a diesel engine. Yes, it’s tiny but a cracker, none the less. The one too keeps the Go-Kart feel alive.
Tata too is making a comeback with an all-new product – the Zest. It’s a Tata with modern-day tech, hefty feature list and loads of space. Find out if it’s the category best or an also ran.
In the two-wheeler world, TG takes the Triumph Tiger 800 on a ride in Spain to check if the Tiger is ready to take up the concrete jungle. And there’s also the Kawasaki Z250 – company’s entry level sports bike.
Also, there’s an epic battle that you just cannot miss. The two old-time rivals – the Merc C-Class and the BMW 3 series – fight out to decide which one’s the best driver’s delight. Warning: you might have guessed wrong.
Like always, the issue is filled with latest buzz from the automotive industry and an up-to-date buyer’s guide.
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