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BBC GoodFood is UK's first and best-selling food magazine. In 22 years, the magazine has tested, cooked and eaten it's way through 7500 recipies and now has arrived in India, as it's first truly international food magazine. Thoughtfully customised to local taste buds, BBC GoodFood India is here to redefine food in the Indian imagination.

Issue Description
As expected, 2015 is off to a brr start. Look no further than our Jan issue to warm up and feel awesome. Whether your response to winter's bluster is to cosy up with a cuppa or cook up a storm, we’re packing enough heat to get you through this cold month. Celebrate the chill with delish winter stars like cumin-roasted pumpkin soup, crusty tomato and cheese pie, creamy golden cauliflower cheese bake and lots more. Spice up your tea life with our dead-addictive tea-flavoured sweet treats or cook up celebrity chef Ranveer Brar’s Signature Dish, Tea-smoked eggplant and portobello raviolo.
Unlock your creative side with the beautifully ornate Guthi rotis from Uttar Pradesh (they form a part of our authentic home-style menu from Mathura) and discover the sweeter side of paneer with jawdroppingly original desserts like Salted caramel swirl cheesecake. Beer guzzlers, you’ll love this month’s Restaurant Spy featuring top Indian microbreweries and foodie travellers, you get a delightful whiff of Kaffir lime-scented Thailand in Eat Like A Local. Our ultimate tribute to the winter: a bubbling hot and cheesy pumpkin fondue to melt away all your cares. Happy chew year to you! Don't forget to get your copy today.

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