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World Focus - September 2013

Publisher: WORLD FOCUS
Category: Education, Politics
Language: English, India
Frequency : Monthly
Magazine Description:

World Focus (English) is a widely read monthly journal of discussion, which has completed thirty three years of continuous publication in India. World Focus brings out a discussion each month on current affairs which has a bearing on current affairs, international affairs, economic diplomacy, foreign policy and national security issues. The journal is popular among civil service examination aspirants, students and research scholars, policy makers, administrators, members of parliament, journalists, politicians, universities and research organizations. This journal is a kind of ready reference material for the libraries in the country and abroad and gives an Indocentric perspective for in depth analysis on Indian contemporary affairs. This is the best vehicle for Scholars and policy analysts across the world to understand India's growth model with a foreign policy perspective. Many think tanks across the world use World Focus as a source material for preparing papers on political risk analysis.

Issue Description:

World Focus aims to present an Indocentric view on a particular issue currently facing the world.

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