Pasumai Vikatan - June 10, 2016


Science, Technology
Magazine Description
The fortnightly magazine which encourages the sustainable agriculture… A green revolution of a different kind. A magazine that touches the lives of millions of farmers across Tamilnadu and help them grow. It covers all the recent developments in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries sector. Detailed articles covering agriculture inputs, farm machinery, farm credits and farm insurance and all major crops and food processing industry are featured in a very simple and interesting language.

Issue Description
Nalla varumanam kodukkum nattu vendai!
Nilakadalai! 50 cent nilathil oru eakkar vilaichal!
Nattukozhi kodukkum nach labam!
Bale panjakavya... manvalam kooduthu... magasool kooduthu!
Adutha thakkuthal... marabanu matru karumbu.
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