Aval Vikatan - July 29, 2014

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The largest circulated contemporary women's fortnightly magazine. What does a Tamil woman want? She wants happy family. She wants a successful career. She wants her husband to be healthy. She wants her children to study well. Eat well. And play well (both video games and School games). She wants to invest in mutual funds. And in mutual relationship with her in-laws. And yes, she wants to try that new recipe this Sunday. Aval captures the very essence of the contemporary India women, portraying her achievements and essaying her aspirations. With the unique distinction of tuning thousand of its readers into sensitive writers, Aval Vikatan is the perfect blend of tradition and change

Issue Description
Craft business... Manathukku marunthu... Veetukku varumanam! Why this Kolavery Aangale? Engalai yarachum kapathuvangala? 11 madi mavulivakkathil katharum pengal. Pathukappu tharatti... thaali verum abaranamthan. - director R.C.Sakthi.
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July 15, 2014
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