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Outlook - August 29, 2016

Publisher: The Outlook Group
Category: News, Politics
Language: English, India
Frequency : Weekly
Magazine Description:

‘Outlook’ is India’s most vibrant weekly news magazine with critically and globally acclaimed print and digital editions. Now in its 20th year, Outlook's award-winning journalism has made the important interesting with groundbreaking public-interest and investigative reportage which has fetched it the International Press Institute Award for Excellence in 2007 and the World Media Summit Award in 2014. Published from New Delhi, and printed at multiple locations, with editorial bureaux and contributors across India and the world, the general-interest magazine combines the quirky with the cutting edge in its coverage of Indian politics, business, international relations---and arts, culture, books and trends. The pages of Outlook have played host to the biggest names of Indian intellectualism. Its founder Editor-in-Chief was the redoubtable Vinod Mehta; the current Editor-in-Chief is Krishna Prasad. The Outlook Group now comprises a Hindi edition, a travel magazine, a business magazine, and a personal finance magazine.

Issue Description:

20 Once The Ammo Is Spent The encounter of Maoist-turned-gangster Nayeemuddin, who was also a witness in the infamous Sohrabuddin case, leaves many questions unanswered 28 Una and After Is Gujarat’s politics changing? A column by Ghanshyam Shah, a spot report and, as a case study, A.K. Biswas on the first Dalit strike in Bengal 36 Mettle vs Medal To run against others—and also against your own circumstances—is by no means an easy task 48 One Conflict Zone for Another Political turmoil in Kashmir pushes Indo-Pak ties to a low. Will PM Modi’s mention of Gilgit/Balochistan prove to be the move that changed the debate? 68 Under a Perceptive Pen Unassuming and profound, writer Gurdial Singh leaves for us intricate tales from Punjab

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