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Tehelka - August 31 2016

Publisher: Anant Media Pvt Ltd
Category: News
Language: English, India
Frequency : Fortnightly
Magazine Description:

Tehelka has invested heavily in hard hitting investigative reporting and has pushed the boundaries of editorial content further than most…" says BBC. "Tehelka is a delightful Urdu word, difficult to translate. It refers to that special kind of tumult provoked by a daring act, or a sensational piece of writing. And Tehelka has certainly lived up to its name…" Time On January 31, 2004. After more than two years of persecution, Tehelka was reborn as a weekly newspaper committed to constructive, crusading journalism. As a people's paper geared to take a stand, to follow the hard investigative story. A fearless paper ready to create opinion, and not just remain a passive vehicle of news. Over the years, Tehelka has firmly established itself as a people’s media choice. With public interest journalism, serious opinion and analysis, Tehelka has earned unmatched credibility and brand recall. It has very quickly established an enviable reputation — national and international — for the quality of its reportage, the eminence of its writers, and the refinement of its analyses and ideas. As a premium English weekly, Tehelka, increasingly, influences almost every opinion leader and decision maker in the country. Tehelka, earlier in a tabloid size, is now in a weekly magazine format. The magazine format only means a more compact and elegant design — the core values of public interest journalism and literary writing remain unchanged. Tehelka, India’s fastest growing English language weekly, in its new format is poised for a dramatic up scaling of visibility and readership. This follows repeated demand by readers to switch to a magazine format, since the contents of Tehelka are seen to have much more shelf value and depth than a newspaper. This format with its easy size allows for longevity and high pass along readership, a necessary attribute given the depth and quality of writing in Tehelka. For ardent readers, the switch to a magazine has enhanced the positive values already inherent in Tehelka. The new look Tehelka may be smaller in format but is much bigger in impact. Also brighter, crisper, more unputdownable. In the seven years since it was born, Tehelka has stood the test. Its courage under fire is well-known. But most importantly, it has brought back into hard focus the two most crucial pillars of a free press: public interest and the appetite to question

Issue Description:

[Cover story] When will the violations stop?: More cases of rape are being reported, yet insensitivity to the plight of the victim pervades police stations, hospitals, courtrooms and neighbourhoods. Ridhima Malhotra reports ((P-22-23)) [Also Read] China’s Taliban policy may endanger regional peace: Amidst China’s attempts to woo Taliban to sort its internal troubles and to destabilise India’s position, New Delhi needs to remain steadfast on its policy to strengthen the Afghan military writes Syed Nooeuzzaman (P-42-43) A lament for Mehbooba Mufti: Mehbooba Mufti risks losing her popularity and irking her party ranks by using New Delhi’s rule book to deal with the unrest in the Kashmir, writes Riyaz Wani (p-19) Celebrating Telangana Art: The political contours of the state carved out of the Andhra Pradesh may be new, but the roots of its art reach deep into the soil. (P 44)

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