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Magazine Description
This Magazine major motive is to motivate budding entrepreneur.
The world over MSME companies have been accepted as the engines of economic growth.
In India too this sector plays an important role in the overall GDP growth of the country.
In recent years even though the economic scenario was not encouraging this sector has consistently
registered higher growth compared to overall industrial sector.
The world is experiencing sweeping changes powered by huge data analysis, mobile and cloud computing. These
foundational technology shift is opening lot of opportunities for new ventures.
Business for allintends to publish inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs from diverse fields as possible who
are blessed with world class talent and foresight. Through our articles we want to motivate all budding entrepreneurs
to start their dream businesses and all existing entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. We will provide information on
opportunities in various sectors, tax matters , legal issues and articles on how to raise funds. We have started a portal for the purpose. All readers can register themselves with this portal.
We meet a lot of youngsters every day who want to be entrepreneurs. But they just need an initial push to plunge
into the world of entrepreneurship. If you are convinced about your idea and business plan plunge into the ocean
of opportunities without further hesitation. You may face hardships in your journey but you will not regret because
you will always feel that you have reached your long cherished destination.

Issue Description
BUSINESS FOR ALL will serve as a platform showcasing the successful entrepreneurs who are incredible role models in their chosen business areas. They have fuelled the nation’s economy and provided livelihood to scores of people. The magazine will share their entrepreneurial journey, the challenges faced and success mantra which positioned them in the growth trajectory. We want this to be a great motivation to others to emulate and fulfill their dreams. There is some entrepreneurship in everybody and most of us would want to be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship gives absolute personal freedom.

BUSINESS FOR ALL will strive to support all aspiring/ budding entrepreneurs to start their dream businesses and entrepreneurs to expand their ventures. The publication will provide information regarding tax matters, legal issues and articles on raising funds.
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