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BUSINESS FOR ALL, monthly, has emerged on the media scene to provide a platform to first generation entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journey. Covering different sectors, a wide range of enterprising stories, interviews with cutting edge entrepreneurs and their case histories, BUSINESS FOR ALL aims to inspire, educate and motivate young and budding entrepreneurs to give shape to their dreams. Published from Hyderabad, the magazine commands fairly good readership across the country owing to a strong circulation network.

Issue Description
The International Women’s Day, on March 08 , is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality. This year’s theme - Make It Happen, envisages to encourage effective action for advancing and recognising women.

In the words of former President APJ Abdul Kalam “Empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation, when women are empowered, society with stability is assured. Empowerment of women is essential as their thoughts and their value systems lead to the development of a good family, good society and ultimately a good nation.”

In earlier days , the lingo associated with women included the three Ks- Kitchen, Kids, Knitting, later came the three Ps-Powder, Pappad and Pickles and at present there are four Es- Electricity, Electronics, Energy, Engineering.

Today, Indian women have stormed the male bastions and have traversed a long way. They have emerged as a major force to reckon with in diverse spheres. They have made forays into arenas beyond the kitchen. Women are equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills pursuing professional and technical courses to cope with market needs. They are flourishing as designers, interior decorators, exporters, publishers, garment manufacturers and continue to explore new avenues of economic participation.

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