Cinema - August 31 2013


Magazine Description
A movie / cinema weekly in Malayalam published by Deepika. This is the first and the oldest newspaper daily in Malayalam language. This is readable by anyone of 17 years and older.

Issue Description
Rashtra Deepika Cinema has brought out its latest edition (Aug-31) with more interesting features and all what a malayalam cinema -fan likes. New Malayalam Cinemas like ‘Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus’, ‘Kalimannu’, ‘Olipporu’, ‘Arikil Oral’, ‘Green Apple’, etc. are reviewd and discussed in this edition. Location news and updates on upcoming movies like ‘Escape From Uganda,’ ‘One Day Jokes’, ‘Green Apple’, etc are other highlights of Rashtra Deepika Cinema August 31 issue. Malayalees’ favorite cinema magazine has not skipped any of its regular contents or features like Tharangalil Tharam, Lal Hits, Ormakalile Nayikamar, and others
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