Mehendi wedding magazine - February - March 2015


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Magazine Description
Mehendi - The Art of Life. This magazine is a celebration of the bride; modern yet rooted in tradition, in search of the perfect wedding. Mehendi offers a mixture of ideas, inspiration and little pearls of advice to help you in your journey from love to life.

Issue Description
As we have entered a New Year and quite a fancy one at that .We are already well into a
month and more. The wedding season has kick started,and what more reason do we need to
celebrate our third anniversary,
yes Mehendi turns 3.
Our baby steps may not have been perfect, we crawled a bit, fumbled and even fell,but
only to over come and stand tall. And so this year we are all set to go head on to give you
the pleasure of being part of the Mehendi family. It has been the constant support of our
well wishers, clients, contributors and most of all our readers who has helped us pursue
this journey. And as the years roll by we are sure to push harder to give you the ultimate
Mehendi experience. This issue is special for us as we have the unbelievably beautiful star
Kajal Agarwal as our cover girl. She is often hailed as the darling of the masses and the
lucky charm of most producers. Kajal very graciously lent us her time in between her back to
back schedules.
We have also revamped our issue to be able to give you a new and easier feel. In our
honeymoon section we take you through Mauritius and also thru India’s gem Gangtok.Our
wedding rituals focuses on Jain custom of marriage. We have also added style tips for the
groom to be which seems to be one request men have been inquiring about. Flowers are an
undeniable part of weddings so why not go full force and create a flower themed wedding for
your Big day.This and many more articles will keep you informed and engrossed if you are
looking to plan your Big day... Wishing you all a fabulous new year!

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